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Discover the benefits of using AjakMe ~ experience the joy of easy, personalized, and efficient wedding planning.

Instant RSVP tracking

See who's coming and who's not at a glance. Forget about chasing replies; check updates in real-time.

Wedding Itinerary Management

Outline each event detail, from photoshoots to dinners. Schedule each activity, ensuring a smooth flow for your special day.

Vendor List Coordination

Record and monitor costs for photographers, makeup artists, caterers, and door gifts. Keep a close eye on spending, sorted by vendor type.

"Planning our wedding schedule became more structured with AjakMe. We could list every detail, from photoshoots to dinners. What we loved was the ability to schedule each activity, ensuring everything ran smoothly. It helped us stay relaxed and enjoy our special day without feeling overwhelmed"
Xin Yi & Jun ~ Recently Married

Wedding Checklist Simplification

Stay ahead of schedule. Keep your wedding preparations on track with an intuitive, easy-to-follow checklist that ensures no detail is overlooked.

  • List and Organize: Create a comprehensive list of all your wedding tasks, from venue booking to final dress fittings.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Effortlessly check off completed tasks, giving you a clear and instant overview of what's done and what's still pending.
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Memories from Guest Photos

Experience the joy and diversity of your special day through the eyes of your guests.

  • Personal Touch: Feel closer to your guests through their candid shots.
  • Relive the Day: Enjoy a digital album filled with diverse memories, letting you relive your wedding day anytime.
  • Shareable Joy: Easily share this collective album with family and friends, spreading the happiness of your special day.

Gifts & Money Management

Simplify gift-giving with options for every guest.

  • Gift Registry Selection: Choose from a curated list of items for guests who prefer traditional gifting.
  • Bank QR Code: Upload your bank's QR code for an easy digital money-gifting option.

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Couples trust ajakme with their wedding invitations. See what they say.

"Our guests really appreciated the money gift QR sharing. AjakMe made it convenient for them and for us - a total win-win"
Hafiz & Anis, Kedah
"We wanted a totally digital invitation, and AjakMe delivered. Our guests were amazed by how convenient and modern the digital invites were"
Anita & Vikram, Selangor
"The vendor management tool on AjakMe made keeping track of our expenses and contacts super easy. It took a huge load off our shoulders"
Alya & Amir, Kuala Lumpur
"The RSVP feature on AjakMe was a lifesaver. It was so easy to keep track of who could make it, which really helped with our planning"
Farah & Idris, Sabah
Join other couples who use ajakme for their wedding invitations

Your wedding planning companion

How ajakme helps in planning your special day

Track RSVPs

See 'Yes' and 'No' replies instantly. Collecting RSVPs is now effortless.

Wedding Checklist

Manage tasks like booking caterer, wedding cake and other tasks.

Custom Questions and Answers

Create a FAQ for your guests to answer common questions and improve their experience

Sharing Bank QRs

Upload and share bank's QR code for guests to scan and send their contributions.

Manage Guest List

Keep track of who's attending, and organize guest details with ease

Wedding Itinerary

Plan your special day events. Schedule everything from the ceremony to the reception

Manage Vendor List

Track your event's expenses by category, like photographers, makeup artists, caterers, and door gifts

Persons In-Charge

On your big day, delegate to someone you trust to take charge!

Affordable plans for every dream wedding planning

Enjoy the simplicity of knowing your costs upfront.



It's totally free.

  • All features except Photo Sharing
  • Limited to 1 Money collecting via Bank QR
  • Limited to 3 Custom FAQs for guests
  • Only create public invitation
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MYR 29

A perfect package crafted for you!

  • All features
  • Up to 1GB for Photo Sharing
  • Limited to 2 Bank QRs for money collection
  • Limited to 5 Custom FAQs for guests
  • Create private invitation


MYR 99

Same as Gold, but more...

  • All features and everything from the Gold package
  • Up to 10GB for Photo Sharing
  • Unlimited Bank QRs for money collection
  • Unlimited Custom FAQs for guests
  • No "AjakMe" logo

Celebrate your special day with a unique collection of memories captured by your guests

Let your guests share the joyful moments they capture, creating a diverse and personal photo gallery of your wedding. Enjoy reliving your day from different perspectives and cherish these candid snapshots for years to come. It's not just about collecting photos; it's about gathering memories from those who shared in your joy.

"Using AjakMe's guest photo upload was like having a thousand eyes capturing every special moment of our day. We were amazed at the variety of candid shots, heartwarming moments, and unexpected angles that our guests shared. Each photo told a different story, making our wedding memories even more precious. It was truly a unique way to experience our day all over again."
Sarah & Daniel, Johor Sarah & Daniel, Johor